Monday, August 07, 2006

Things I Learned Part I

I learned lots of interesting and useful things at Soulfest this week. Some require photographic evidence, so I'll save those for when I sort through some of these pictures.

In the meantime.... The first important thing I learned was.... (drumroll)

There is a limit to the stupid things I'll do while holding a camera.

I had started to worry about this one. Especially when some guy grabbed me out of the press pit on Wednesday and led me up the hill full of people telling me what shots he wanted. It wasn't until after all this that he introduced himself and I found out he was official. Um... oops.

Anyhow, on Saturday I learned my limit.


There was something about dangling hundreds of feet above the earth on a bench that kept swaying back and forth, with kids going in the opposite directions yelling "You're going to die!" that was .... disconcerting. Prayer-inducing. It turns out that the combo of heights, unstable objects dangling at a great height and the solid rock face below are a lethal combo.

I got some great landscape pictures from the top of the mountain (coming soon) and heard one good band (Maeve). So not worth the whole "life flashing before my eyes" time going up and back down again.

So, thankfully, now I know that I won't do ANYTHING for a picture.


Blogger Janet said...

But you would still go up that chairlift again if Chris Tomlin was playing at the Mountain Top stage.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Only if he's holding my hand!

10:50 PM  

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