Monday, July 31, 2006

Through a Looking Glass

This last week I've been cleaning off my hard drive (and moving things to my external drive) in preparation for Soulfest and some other upcoming photography. As I've been doing that I've been unearthing some pictures from last fall that I've never sorted through or put up anywhere. Going through them has been really interesting. I'll look through one batch and see that this is obviously the week I learned about the rule of thirds, or diagonal lines, or planes of focus. It's amusing to see myself hold tightly to each of these rules in turn and then start to be able to combine them.

What's even more interesting in my photographs is that I have a hard time photographing big landscapes of busy things. I get overwhelmed and tend to take the standard shot that won't wow anyone. Why is this amusing? Mostly because I got started in photography with concert photography. Think about it - lots of sound, quick movement, crappy lighting, looming security... Not exactly taking pictures of flowers. Why can I be calm and think through my photos in a rock concert and not, say, with a pile of rocks?? Something to think about.

In other news, Bryan has requested an EEEEEEEEEEEE free zone, to which I have to reply - Have you met me????


Blogger Bryan said...

D'oh! More coffee spillage...

12:31 PM  

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