Monday, June 12, 2006

Doctor My Eyes II

I've had my new glasses for two weeks now and have gotten increasingly concerned about whether my sight is improving and why I'm having so much trouble with photography.

In one of those eerie moments when you know God is taking care of you, my neighbor does therapy in this kind of issue. Last night she ran through a bunch of exercises with me. Good and bad news. My long range vision appears to be improving. My right eye is still dominant, but my left eye is improving a little. The problems with driving are probably just a confidence issue and my eyes being tired from working so hard with the new glasses. That's a relief.

The bad news is that my close vision in my left eye is in bad shape. Likely this is from years of incorrect glasses. Anyhow, I need to get to work on strengthening the eye and getting it to play ball with my right eye.

As for photography, she said that I might need a separate pair of glasses for that. In the meantime I'm trying some new techniques to get the pictures I'm looking for. The picture at the top is one of mine from this past weekend.

It's weird how much we take for granted. A month ago I thought my worst glasses problem was that they were smudgy. I had no idea when I walked into my local Target optical that my assumptions would be turned on their head. Now I'm looking at a series of new specialists to help me stop the degeneration of my left eye and rebuild it.

Lest I ever thought I was normal in the first place....


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