Thursday, June 08, 2006

Growing Anticipation

One of the worst things I can do going in to a film is have high expectations. Generally that guarantees that I'll be disappointed. Most films, even good ones, fail to meet the standard of my imagination, based on the best of the film being condensed into a three minute trailer. Seriously, has any film ever been as tight/action packed/funny as the trailer extrapolated out to two full hours?

Yet here I am again getting excited about a film. What am I thinking?

Oh yeah. Pixar.

The one company that has consistently been able to meet and exceed my movie expectations. Think of the fabulous characters over the years - Roz "You didn't file your paperwork" and Boo from Monsters, Inc, Dory from Finding Nemo, Frozone from The Incredibles.... the list could go on forever. The animation is fantastic and they have somehow managed to avoid the Disney curse of finding a good idea, making it a
formula and then beating it into the ground. Each movie is distinctive and manages to be fresh. I don't quite understand the concept of talking cars. On the other hand, monsters in the closet? Superheroes with mid-life crises?

I used to be really into movies, but lately I haven't made it to the theater all that often. I'm really looking forward to seeing it Friday night. I hope I come out twirling in the theater lobby like I did with Monsters Inc.


Blogger Janet said...

Pixar is definately the King of animation these days. Love their movies.

And that poster is awesome. Simple, but it says a lot. Cant wait for the movie either!

11:05 AM  

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