Monday, May 29, 2006

Wanting What I Don't Have

It's amazing to me how I always want the one thing that I don't have.

Right now my church is in the middle of a media fast in preparation for the Global Day of Prayer. 10 days of keeping the television off, avoiding the movies, staying away from video games, etc. Ideally unnecessary internet too, but that lasted all of a couple of hours.

So, what happens? All I want to do is watch television and movies. Is it because the television has such amazing content this week? Ummm... no. Sweeps are over. There's nothing on. Because there are great movies at the theater? Ummm... I wouldn't normally go to see X-Men, why would I go now? Today I was even tempted to open up a video game on my computer. Why? Because I couldn't.

All proving to me just how messed up my head is and how addicted I am to this stuff that shouldn't be so important to me. Why do I feel lost without 2 hours of television at the end of the night to help me wind down? Why is a long weekend empty without a stack of videos?

On the up side, I'm much more productive. No, my house is no cleaner. That would take more than a fast, I'm afraid.

I have discovered a new musical group though. It's Watermark. I just got their new CD and it's awesome. Highly recommended.

What a sad life I lead that I'm now on a countdown to when I can watch bad sitcom re-runs that I don't want to watch anyway....


Blogger Janet said...

You coulld read a book. I hear some of them can be actually good.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

What is this Internet thing that everyone keeps talking about?

Me, I'm in abject despondency over the lack of 24 in my life. I'm not sure I can make it all the way to {sniffle} January for the next dose of Bauer's awesomeness.

I don't know that I get what the ultimate conclusion of your post is. Do you think you're a bad person because of the 2 hours of TV enertainment per week? Have you considered that the temptations may have come from outside of yourself, given that you were doing this for a spiritual fast?

12:03 PM  

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