Friday, May 26, 2006

Doctor My Eyes

I got new glasses this week. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Is her life so dull that a new pair of glasses warrants a blog?" Yes and no.

See, last week a got what I thought would be a routine eye examination. Except for the part where they discovered I've been mis-prescribed for 15 years. Oh, and the part about my eyes not working together, so I'm only ever seeing out of one eye.

While I applaud the industriousness of my eyes in delegating tasks to free up some time and energy (what do eyes do in their free time anyway??), it would probably help to see out of both eyes.

Today I put on my glasses for real. Had a little fun with myself trying to clap my hands. When I closed my eyes I could do it, but when I opened my eyes I couldn't do it. My brain didn't trust what my eyes were seeing because it was so different. Today's been like relearning things all over again. I'm doing pretty well. At this point the only things that really freak me out are things that move really fast, because I'm still not totally sure how fast they're going. To answer the obvious question - no, I'm not driving yet. Though I hold that I'd still be a better driver than all the cell phone addicts out there. Especially the ones who do their nails, talk on the phone, eat dinner and drive all at the same time.

It's an odd feeling to realize that how you've been seeing the world isn't right. It's also weird to rediscover that trees have leaves.

This isn't quite the adventure I was planning on the Memorial Day weekend, but it's certainly memorable. Stay tuned for what happens when I try to pick up the camera again and photograph with my "new eyes".


Blogger Jessica said...

Well, if your wonky eyesight was responsible for your wonderful photographs, then maybe you don't want to be cured! *g*

(Just kidding!)

8:22 PM  

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