Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bright and Shiny

If you ever need motivation to turn off your tv for a while, I strongly suggest watching the American Idol finale. A fabulous exhibit of the excess of modern culture. And cheese. Lots of cheese.

Last night I tuned in for the first hour. Now, I'm not saying there weren't some good moments. Chris singing with Live was fabulous. Elliot singing with Mary J. Blige (step away from the Bono!) actually made me stop screaming "ACK, ACK, ACK". Clay Aiken's appearance was good (what's with the hair??). I hear Prince was good too, but by that time I had turned it off. Are singers that desperate for publicity?? Cue BarlowGirl's "Five Minutes of Fame".

What really got me was their time filler segment of awards. What were those awards called, you ask?? Golden Idols. Yes, they are doing extra homework to make sure they more perfectly showcase just what's wrong with the world. And then people seemed excited to win them.

So, thanks American Idol. You just made turning off my tv a whole lot easier!


Blogger Jessica said...

I totally understand. I freaking hate American Idol. However it is a love-hate relationship because it is what made me discover Clay... and I love him so.

8:23 PM  

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