Friday, June 02, 2006

Red Moon Rising

I've been meaning to blog about this book for a while. When I first started the book it was pretty mind blowing and I was just so eager to see what came next I didn't take the time to blog. Then, half way through I realized I needed time to ponder it before waxing poetic about it. I finished it about a month ago and picked it up again this week because I'm getting ready to lend it to a friend to read.

This book is amazing. Far and above the best book I've read in years. And I've read some pretty amazing books (Barbarian Way, Velvet Elvis, Bono in Conversation, i am not but I know I AM) this year, so that's saying a lot.

The book is Pete Greig's retelling of the runaway train adventure that was the starting of the 24/7 prayer movement in England. The book starts with his vision while standing on a cliff in Spain. Well, actually it starts with U2 lyrics, which is always a good sign. Goes through his personal struggles with this vision and with being called to be a prayer mobilizer when he didn't feel adequate and then through the early days of the prayer rooms (and later boiler rooms) in England and throughout Europe.

As a sheer adventure, it's a gripping tale. Just when you think things can't happen, God comes through and gives them another sign or leads them off on a new challenge. However, leaving it there would be too much of a superficial reading. The spiritual journey Pete goes through is even more powerful. Learning to hand over everything to God and just be along for the ride. Learning from the Moravians and the Celts where the spiritual heritage of the prayer movement has been. Hitting huge obstacles and trusting that God would just blow them to bits.

To be honest, I started the book a little skeptical. I had some peripheral involvement with the local prayer movement, mostly through friends. I'm not even sure why I bought this book other than the computers at Amazon recommended it. This book has taught me so much about prayer, about missions, about the Holy Spirit, about sacrifice and commitment. Just reading the book took me on a huge journey. Going through it again tonight and re-reading the highlighted parts reminded me again of where this book has taken me. It even gave some possible insight into my recent struggles with insomnia.

I highly recommend this book. It's impossible to grab a quick quote that gives the scope of the book or real insight into what it's about. It's kind of broad for that.

Buy it. Read it and let God blow the doors off your world. It will be well worth it.


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