Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Last Hoorah!

I'm off on my last big summer adventure with my crazy group of friends this weekend. One last road trip through New England. I've been looking forward to this for ages, but it's still kind of sad that the summer is coming to an end. Back to school and all that crap.

As always, we're off to see more Clay Aiken concerts. Hoping for a couple of fun shows to close out the tour.

Back to reality next week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stumbling Through Incompetence

Why is it that the truly inept seem to always rise to positions that put their incompetence on full display? The business office at my old job screwed up my corporate expense card. Of course, the card people are coming after me for payment. Charming. Monsieur Incompetent appears to have just "forgotten" to make the payment. Which, of course, begs the question of whether the payment didn't happen because he's upset with me for speaking out on his lack of skills earlier or if he's to dumb to think to do that.

Which begs the next question of how I lucked out in having so many of this type around me in my current job. While I appreciate that they make the rest of us look good, it's not enough to justify having them around.

Sigh. Where's my friend the evil world dominatrix when I need her?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Yee Haw

Explain to me again why I'm going to Indiana again? What on earth made me believe that any adventure that included the instructions "meet Mad Matt at the She He Cattle Barn" was a good idea? Why do I NEED a picture of a butter cow? Is it that damned Clay Aiken character again?

Yes, I'm off on another adventure this week. Flying half-way across the country with the following agenda:

  • Don't throw up on the flight (pack dramamine, eye mask, saltines, etc)
  • Meet Mad Matt at the She He Cattle Barn
  • Eat deep fried chocolate bar
  • Sneak new camera into concert
  • Try not to get rained on at concert which may, or may not be in a great big field
  • Enjoy concert while simultaneously figuring out said new camera in the dark (and possibly rain)
  • Dance the night away
  • Find the cultural mecca that is the Steak and Shake
  • Sleep (yeah right, amid all this excitement, who can sleep??)
  • Wake up
  • Regret everything consumed at the Steak and Shake and perhaps that which was consumed at the State Fair
  • Try to make my face look like a normal persons
  • Go find great shopping that has been promised me
  • Eat my weight in cheese and chocolate at the Melting Pot

And people wonder why I struggle when co-workers as "why are you going to Indiana??". Perhaps I can just send them to the blog. I think it should clear everything up for them.

I'm insane!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

20 Questions.... well, okay, only 5

....but they're really hard. My friend Jane has sent me these questions (in full disclosure, it sounded like fun when I asked). Her blog is Jane D'Oh and way funnier than mine.

Not sure if I'll get through them today (they're really hard).

1) An aging rocker has seen your photographs and wants you to be his exclusive photographer and accompany him on all his tours and press junkets. Unfortunately, time and circumstances have been less than kind to Mr. Rock-n-Roll, and he is...shall we say...fugly. REALLY fugly. Truth be told, he was never that photogenic to begin with. You know these pics will be published and give you great exposure (no pun intended) and make you independently wealthy, but your exclusive contract will also prohibit you from selling any pictures of other, more worthy, subjects. Do you take the gig?

Just how fugly is this guy??? I think I'd take the gig. Yes, I'm shallow. Here's my reasoning - presuming this isn't a super long term gig, it would give me a chance to make a name for myself and earn a chunk of money. It looks like I could still take other pictures, just not publish them. Later on I'd have the independence to work on projects that I really wanted to without having to get everything published to stay afloat.

I guess I should have asked, is Mr. Rock-n-Roll Grabby McHands?? That would make a difference. That way he wouldn't live long and I could move on to other gigs.

2) The man of your dreams has popped the question. He's kind, thoughful, and totally yummy. He's also a bit of a free spirit. He doesn't want to be tied down by things like a house, a car, or children. In fact, he's made enough money to spend the rest of your lives traveling from place to place as the spirit moves you. Are you willing to pull up roots and give up on ever having a home and a family to marry Mr. Wonderful?

These questions are getting harder! I honestly don't think he could be the man of my dreams if he's this much of a free spirit. I'm kind of a home body and balance out my travels with quietter times at home. I don't think I could really be happy or comfortable with a total "free spirit" life. So, put me in the "way too conservative for that kind of crap" category. Sorry Mr. Wonderful.

3) You've just been told you have one week to live. Given unlimited resources (other than time), how do you intend to spend that week?

One week huh? I'd probably fly back to Canada (and fly far flung friends there). Spend time with family and the friends and take lots of pictures of beautiful countryside. Lots of singing and dancing would ensue. Can I fly in Clay Aiken too? I'd like to hang out with him and my friends and snark through some quality television. Maybe Chris Tomlin could lead worship in the evenings and The Edge could help out on guitar. Give me a break - I only have one week to live here!

So, I guess I'm conservative and shallow. Good combo!

4) A little puppy has followed you home. He is the sweetest, fluffiest, most loving dog you've ever seen. You do a little asking around, and you find out the dog was scheduled to be put down that afternoon. They will spare his life if, and only if, you agree to keep him. Of course, you are allergic, so you will have to get uncomfortable weekly shots in order to keep the little guy. What do you do?

Sadly, shots won't help with this. Is he a golden retreiver? I guess (presuming a fairly perfect world) I'd buy my dream farmhouse and have him be an outdoor dog (except when it's really cold). Then we could run and play and I wouldn't be sick. I actually like dogs (well, not the yappy kind), just can't be around them too much.

5) Chronic halitosis or excessive flatulence - which do you choose?

Man, I already am taking pictures of a fugly guy, walked away from Mr. Wonderful, only have a week to live and am constantly sniffly from Fluffy the Dog. Now I have this choice? I guess chronic halitosis. I'm sure my friends would agree keeping my mouth closed a little more would hurt no one!

Enjoy watching me squirm? Wish you were being harassed? Here are the rules of the game:

Want to play?
The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below asking to be interviewed.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Worship, Praise and Cute Guys (??)

Back from Soulfest. An amazing weekend full of lots of great music. However, as much as I enjoyed hearing lots of new artists, styles of music and sounds, most of it seemed like any other concert. The one stand out in the bunch was the worship time lead by Chris Tomlin. Certainly more lively and rockin than your grandmother's worship, the band was great and truly gifted in leading corporate worship. Before I get too spiritual and buzz jumps in to humble me, yes, he's really cute too.

More pictures to come from the weekend.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Light a Fire on the Cake

Yes, I know. I can hardly believe it myself that I would not know that today was The Edge's birthday. has a fabulous article up as a tribute. This picture was taken at their Meadowlands concert this spring when I really noticed this foot-stompin guitar great.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

On the Road Again

Ah yes, it's summer. And you know what that means.... concerts. Lots and lots of concerts.

Despite my brother's best efforts, this is my third summer of enjoying Clay Aiken concerts. Last weekend was my first of this tour and I had a blast. Even better, I'm continuing to see improvement in my photographs, which is awesome.

Now the question comes... do I upgrade my camera and go for even better pictures? I just got this camera last summer and it's expensive to upgrade on a yearly basis. However, I'm really pushing at the limits of my camera and need the next step if I'm going to get into this with any level of seriousness. Decisions, decisions.