Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nothing to Do But Pray

Remember that amazing opportunity I mentioned last week? Well somewhere between "is this really what I should do?" and "gosh that's a lot of money" I realized, "heck yeah, this is what I should do". Possibly because someone else showed me another option for the summer that was way inferior and possibly because I remembered that I told myself last year that if something like this ever came up I was going to do it no matter where in the world it was.

So, last night, tired as I was, I completed the application. Luckily I had written the essay pieces a couple of days earlier, so that was just cut and paste. I was pretty brain dead while filling in the application. I actually forgot the name of my pastor (I know, I know) and then was stumped at how to describe my relationships with my reference people. Friends? Co-conspirators? Fellow eaters of taco salads? She who regularly slaps me around (my accountability person)? The usual descriptions seem so inadequate.

It was a huge victory to get it out the door. I really had a bad day yesterday. Very physically and emotionally draining. By the time last night came I just wanted to sleep for days. It's a weight off my shoulders to get the application in.

Now there's nothing to do but pray. Please pray for the people reviewing the applications. I really really want to be accepted and get to go on this adventure!!


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