Thursday, August 04, 2005

On the Road Again

Ah yes, it's summer. And you know what that means.... concerts. Lots and lots of concerts.

Despite my brother's best efforts, this is my third summer of enjoying Clay Aiken concerts. Last weekend was my first of this tour and I had a blast. Even better, I'm continuing to see improvement in my photographs, which is awesome.

Now the question comes... do I upgrade my camera and go for even better pictures? I just got this camera last summer and it's expensive to upgrade on a yearly basis. However, I'm really pushing at the limits of my camera and need the next step if I'm going to get into this with any level of seriousness. Decisions, decisions.


Blogger Jessica said...

How much better can your pictures possibly get? They are already amazing! (And he is SO hot!)

It is fun to buy new "toys" though, so if you have the money, I say go for it!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

Oh, pick me... pick me... I've got an answer!

Save the money that you would have spent on Clay Aiken CD's, books, tickets and other stalker-like materials and spend that on a new camera.

Sorry, it's late and I'm exercising my spiritual gift of sarcasm.

Your pictures are really good. Maybe you could take wedding/grad type pics and make some cash to finance your passion. Just a thought.

Give me a call sometime when you're home.


11:22 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

Yeah yeah yeah... I did cancel trips to 4 other concerts and skipped most of the merchandise this time around. Instead of saving, though, I discovered the fun of MercyMe, Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman concerts. A better investment, but still not saving... Oops

12:04 PM  
Anonymous buzzie said...

Maybe if you didnt have this new graphic T-shirt fetish (*coughtheedgewearsgraphicteescough*), then you would have more money for the SLR. *g*

But its done folks, she pressed the purchase button last night. Welcome to the wonderful world of SLRs.

10:47 AM  

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