Friday, July 21, 2006

Dumbness and Chatter

I've just finished Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book Life Together. I'd highly recommend it. Not that I agreed with everything in it, but boy did it make me think!

Dumbness does not create solitude and chatter does not create fellowship.

Just one sentence but there's so much to think about in there.

Simply turning off the tv or not talking does not make the type of solitude that Bonhoeffer says is essential to being part of a community.

The second half was particularly striking to me. "Chatter does not create fellowship." Think about that. Just talking to someone does not mean you're building community.

I'm struck by how much of life is chatter. No, I don't think every conversation has to be about theology, but how much of life is inane chatter? How much do I really learn about people when I talk to them? How much do each of my conversations build me and my friend up?

Just spending time with someone does not automatically mean that we're building community.

So, what is the point of chatter and spending empty hours with people? Something to think about.


Blogger Beachwriter said...

I totally agree. It also goes the same with Cell phones and emails. Are we really communicating with our friends and families?

Are we truly communicating with one another or are we "chatting," "blowing smoke," and "blowing hot air?"

I truly believe in our society today, we are not as personal as we were many, many years ago.

2:17 PM  

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