Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ever Have One of Those Days???

The kind where leading up to it everything has been going right? Everyone thinks you're doing a great job at work, things are going well at home, and you're just generally feeling great?

And then the day hits. At first you don't realize it's One-Of-Those-Days. In fact, at first you think it's just that you aren't a morning person. And then, when you almost get hit by a semi you think "Wow - city drivers are bad." Later you start to wonder if there's a pattern developing. Then everything hits the fan at work and boy are you glad when the day's over. Only to discover it's extended to all aspects of your life.

And not only have you had a sucky day, but it's been sucky in ways you're going to have to fix the next day, and the day after that. In fact, this might be a full week clean up job. And, because people were already exasperated with you today, calling in sick tomorrow and hiding just isn't an option.

Yes, I did have one of those days. Where you wonder why you went to grad school for a job like this. Where people scream at you about what you're doing with your time that you're not taking care of the issues you're supposed to. Where random people leave voicemails explaining how incompetent you are at work while you're out screwing up another project.

Then, I went to my small group. And I was leading the study. And it sucked. People responded with monosylabic answers. Or with bits and pieces of heresy. And all I wanted to do was scream "what?", but realized that would make things suck more, not less.

As I was driving home from my Bible study the full weight of the suckitude of the day hit me. Bam.

Can I have the life behind door B??


Blogger Jessica said...

That does sound like a truly sucky day! I hope tomorrow is better!

11:15 PM  

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