Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clock Ticking Down

As the departure for England approaches, I'm starting to feel the squeeze everywhere. It seems all the problems of the world have to be solved before I take off. I feel this especially at work, but also at home. I'm getting calls from family members I haven't heard from all year, but who wanted to chat before I left for the big trip.

I'm only going for two weeks people! At work they are asking for a transition strategy. Ummm, I'd rather not make myself completely dispensible, thanks!

Overall, it's becoming increasingly obvious that not everything will be done when I leave. There will be a few loose ends that will have to be picked up by others and some things will simply have to wait for me to get back.

Once I get to the airport, there will be no more work, no more helping people out with one more thing... just focusing on relaxing, enjoying my time there and learning what's in store for me over there.

Unfortunately, I'm also running short on trip preparation time and my planned reading of books and memorizing websites to be ready just didn't happen.

In other news, sorry there haven't been any pictures lately. It's a product of my dead laptop. Hopefully I'll have a new one waiting for me when I return. We shall see.

Also, when listening to a new CD, listen to it on an actual stereo, not on your computer, before judging it. Clay's CD is much better on a real stereo. The bonus iTunes track "Lover All Alone" is the real standout for me.


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