Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's in the Numbers

Those of you who regularly read my blog probably noticed that in June I added a counter. I thought long and hard about doing it - I didn't want to start writing things to purposely bring people in. However, at the time I thought that only a couple of friends ever read my blog and thought it was silly to not talk about work or not mention my real name, etc. I wanted to test out that theory.

Why do I bring it up now? Well, the other day I pass 1000 hits.

Things that I've learned over the last three months of having the counter:

- Either a) other people are reading it, or b) I have very, very bored friends.
- Giving a marketing person statistics just makes them want more statistics.
- Including the words Clay Aiken will bring stampeding hordes of angry Claymates. Enjoy life people!!
- I assumed taking my blog from continual light and fluffy to including more serious content would drive people away. Nope. Actually, (well, other than mentioning Clay) the most new people come for discussions of prayer and other "faith" topics.
- A lot of people come to my blog from Spanish blogs, which puzzles me. I think there are a lot of bored people in the world clicking on "next blog" endlessly.
- Beating on Oprah makes you VERY popular.

Anyhow. I'm trying to ignore the statistics for the aforementioned reasons. I want to write thoughts and observations that are important to me and don't really care if people read them or not.

But I would like to give a wave to all the interesting people who seem to be stopping by this little corner of cyberspace.


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