Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dear Chris Tomlin

Dear Chris,

While you know I adore you and will buy anything you put out simply because your name is on it, I have to ask you about your new album. Most specifically, I'd like to discuss the name with you. See the Morning. I'm sure there's some deep theological thought behind the name. Or perhaps it came to Louis Giglio in a dream. Mostly, it seems to be some kind of a challenge to me. If you scroll down a bit you'll see my entry from earlier this week about how I feel about mornings. Essentially, I don't do them. Technically I'm at my desk and appearing alert, but we all know that asking questions too early will only lead to trouble.

So, I'm not too keen on buying a CD called "See the Morning". Not to mention the accompanying t-shirts and other merchandise. I guess I could add a question mark, since I appear to lose most of my mornings.

In summary, perhaps before the next album we can have a quick chat about these things. Arriving was a very nice title, as were your previous album titles.

Call me.


PS - Can we get some tour action up here in the north???


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