Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to...


Yes, after nearly a full month of partying, it's finally my birthday. Things kicked off at the beginning of the month with Janet bringing lots of presents with her when we went up to Soulfest. I'm now all set for England with a fabulous travel purse, little compass, water bottle, etc.

Then, this last weekend that gang had a great party for me. This morning (in my general morning state) I had to figure out why there was a stack of cardboard boxes waiting for me (evidently, Amazon really loves me). Goodies from the 'rents, Bry and my friend Lisa.

For some reason I'm bothered by my age this birthday. It's starting to feel like my biological age doesn't reflect how I feel or who I am. I feel... say... 28. It's kind of weird.

In keeping with my new birthday tradition, I had to get my car inspected this morning. Also in keeping with tradition, it flunked. This time it was a brake light. I paid $8 to get the brake light fixed and now I have a shiny new inspection sticker. Perhaps next year I can schedule a dentist visit on my birthday too.

For those keeping track at home, my uber-reliable Corolla has had the following in the last month:
- flat tire $90
- oil change $33
- new gas cap $20
- new valves $316
- new brake light $8
- annual inspection $29
That's a grand total of $525 in a month when I'm trying to save for England!

So, in conclusion, birthdays are much more fun when you're a kid and you just eat sweets until you're nauseous.


Blogger Janet said...


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Blogger Storkbryght said...

For 2 years running in college I had a final exam in Japanese on my birthday.

Not quite up to going to the dentist, I guess, but it certainly sucked at the time! :)

9:14 PM  

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