Thursday, May 18, 2006

Emergency Shoes

I was planning for my next blog entry to be of the more serious type, however something urgent has come up.

Yes, emergency shoes.

What are emergency shoes, you ask? Well, clearly only men would ask that, because women have all had to deal with this issue at one point or another.

So, this morning I'm grabbing something in my closet and I notice a beautiful pair of Rockport sandals in the closet. I think "Nice sandals, why don't I ever wear them?" (note the foreshadowing). So, I wear the sandals to work. And to a meeting several blocks away. By the time I get back to my office I have a row of three blisters on my foot. Yikes.

At lunch I realize this requires immediate action (the blisters are very painful). So, I hobble to the mall. First stop? Target. To get the nifty band aid blister things. I discovered them last summer in NYC. Fantastic. Then, I'm off in search of emergency shoes.

One thing you need to know about me. I was blessed with my father's feet. Sigh. Not something any woman really wants, but definitely not what I want, since my Dad has messed up feet. Makes it hard to find shoes.

So, I find a pair of bronze flip flops. They feel fine, my feet go in them, and they're on sale. Oh, and they're cute. Fantastic. So, I buy them.

What I forgot is that I have another meeting several blocks away in a few minutes. While these sandals are cute, they aren't exactly "walk to a meeting" sandals. And seriously, no sandals look cute when your feet are covered in band aids.

I now remember why I don't wear those sandals. I also remember why I wore one pair of Merrell flip flops all last summer. There does not exist in this world a pair of sandals that are actually comfortable to walk in.

Welcome to my sad little world!


Blogger Janet said...

Awwww. I am so sorry about your shoe crisis. Painful shoes are no fun at all.

10:25 PM  

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