Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Cuz I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how things turned out....

- Name Cards - After I FINALLY got my ream of card stock I put the bag in my trunk for safe keeping until I needed it on Monday. The temperature then dropped 40 degrees and my trunk froze shut. At the last minute I was able to free the card stock and all was well.

- Oh Canada party - I couldn't find "Talking To Americans"! Argh. And there's no place to download it. Anyone know where I can find a copy? Other than that, things went relatively well. People got a respectable amount of trivia right (and no one fell for the "Where's the National Igloo located?" question) and Janet managed not to say anything to embarass me too badly. We also discovered that Canadian Bacon is a Michael Moore movie. Stick to comedy Michael.

Now I'm back to my overwhelming regular life with no more parties on the horizon to look forward to.


Blogger Jessica said...

I've put out some feelers looking for a copy of "Talking to Americans"... not sure how successful I'll be, but I'm gonna try. We've funded "This Hour" for years, so maybe we funded this too and there is a copy kicking around at the office somewhere...

3:26 PM  

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