Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Jack Bauer

It struck me thinking about 24 that if you watch enough of it (or, say, watch a whole season in 2 weeks) you start thinking like you're in 24. This impacts ethics, risk assessment, etc. A few of these observations:

- If you're called in to work for an emergency, claim you're sick. Seriously, this is Day 6 of poor Jack dealing with this crap.
- If the armies of the world can't handle something, Jack Bauer probably can.
- The armies of the whole USA are less effective than the right tech person back at the office. Especially if her name is Chloe.
- Anything can be hacked. Anything.
- Ethics and morals are all defined by what Jack thinks. If Jack knows someone is a bad guy, he definitely is. Jack always knows the right answer. Everything serves the higher purposes of Jack.
- In case of a nuclear explosion, stare directly into the mushroom cloud and don't move.
- Friends are expendable if they get in the way of an investigation.
- No one is to be trusted.
- Chinese food sucks.
- Bring lots of clothes to work with you. It could be a very long day.
- Wear the right shoes to work - see above.
- President of the United States? Just another guy. Often corrupt or incompetent.
- Speaking in a low gravelly voice can get anything done.
- Don't get too attached to anyone.
- Always carry your PDA and cellphone.
- Anything can be downloaded to your PDA, no matter where you are. (Seriously, what kind of PDA does this man have?)

Since I missed seasons 1-4, I may have missed a few things.

Anything else you can learn from Jack Bauer?

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Blogger Bryan said...

On the contrary:
If you’re called in to work for an emergency, come with your ‘A’ game. A mess up could lead to a nuclear meltdown.
Never leave to someone else what you can shoot yourself.
Without your PDA, you’re just a person who’s out of the loop. Where would Jack be without Sprint?
Always keep focus on the goal. Even if that means shooting your friend in the throat.
Wear cool clothes to work. You may not have time to change. And no one wants to be wearing a sweater like Chloe did for a full year in Season 5.
Speaking in a gravelly voice can do anything, other than make Ford profitable.
Oh ye of little faith. An executive referred to Jack’s PDA capabilities in one of my meetings the other day, proving that if we can provide the same types of service as seen on 24, we’re on the right track. True story!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

One more thing.... Don't piss off the Chinese.

11:18 AM  

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