Monday, January 08, 2007

Louie News

Going in to the Passion 07 conference I knew that Louie Giglio had announced that there wouldn't be a Passion 08 conference. At first I was disappointed (I had wanted to go and volunteer next year), but then I realized if Louie was stopping this event it must be to focus on something bigger.

Sure enough, they've now announced plans for two exciting new projects. The first is regional events in 07 and 08, including a stop in Boston! Whoo hoo. The second is a global tour of Passion events. No cities announced yet. It's a pretty exciting step and fantastic to see the commitment to going global.

Now I need to get myself together to send materials to them and try to volunteer to do photography for them at one of the regional events. Motivation in January is generally low!

Edited to add - for those of you reading along at home, the Passion sessions are back up. Check them out at

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