Sunday, January 21, 2007


Over the last week I've had to do some ethics training at work. This consists of long boring modules of online reading followed by silly quizes. Quizes that they make it shamelessly easy to cheat on.

Anyhow, since my ethics are set by God, not some governing board, I felt free to amuse myself while reading the dry text. Turns out these things are much more interesting if you start keeping tally of ethical violations by Jack Bauer (24), Dr. Gregory House (House) and the gang on Grey's Anatomy. The bad news is that television is probably not the best place to learn ethics. Who knew?

The good news is that tv kept me amused enough to keep me from cheating on the ethics course. I may be the first to do the whole thing legitimately!

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Blogger Janet said...

Maybe that why we like 24 & House (I HATE Grey's) cause they get to do what we may sometimes want to do, but don't due to that ethical and moral line in the sand we don't cross.

11:53 AM  

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