Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ack - and mild panic

So, I'm just jumping through my usual links this morning catching up on things. I get to the 268 Blog (Louie Giglio's blog and an information center for the Passion movement events). In the new entry he mentions the "big news" that was announced in last week's podcast (which I haven't listened to yet).

There's no Passion conference next year.

Evidently there's some new direction, but there won't be the mega-conference after Christmas next year.

Now, backing up a little, it had been my plan to next year volunteer at Passion, either with prayer (which is a huge part of the conference) or communications (hopefully doing photography). This would mean flying to Atlanta after Christmas, staying in a hotel and getting submerged in the whole event. Exciting right? Given that I did the England trip this year, it wasn't really feasible to spend around $1000 to do the Passion thing as well.

However, now next year doesn't exist as an option.

I really want to have a chance to support this organization and be part of the ministry. However, financially it doesn't make any sense to do right now. Plus, taking that much time off when I've recently (two months ago) taken off three weeks would be pushing my boss's patience.

What to do. What to do. Atlanta for New Year's?

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