Friday, November 17, 2006

Streets of Boston

I had a big conference yesterday in Boston, so I went in on Wednesday night and stayed at a "posh" hotel so that I could be there bright and early on Thursday morning.

Somehow these things are never quite as glamorous as I imagine. The room was small and there was a wired internet connection (how old-fashioned and quaint!). I did a lot of running around with last minute stuff. Wednesday night I hardly slept at all and had to drag myself through Thursday.

All this aside, what really got to me was the driving. Now, I lived in Boston for many years and was used to the crazy. Evidently I'm now a full fledged country mouse.

I started to pull out of the parking garage, but stopped quickly because a young kid darted out in front of me on a tricycle (side note - what is a kid doing in a parking garage on a tricycle?). I stop. The guy behind me honks. And then just holds down his horn. Then the child starts to get out of the way, but I wait until it's safe to pass. The guy continues to honk. When it's safe to go, I do and get to the area to get out of the garage. The guy pulls around me, nearly hitting me and another person. Fabulous.

Then I'm driving through the streets to get to the highway and I get to a set of lights. It's a red light and I'm going straight, so I just sit there. Soon the guy behind me (different idiot) is honking at me. As soon as the opportunity arises, he pulls around me and heads through the red light at high speed.

I've only been out of the city for a few years. Are there new traffic rules? Do you go on red now? Did I miss a memo somewhere?

I was very grateful to safely make it to the highway and head out of town.

The saddest part about all of this is that I realized last night I left my Bible in the hotel room. I had an awful time getting to sleep on Wednesday, so I broke out Old Testament geneologies. The hotel claims that the cleaning staff didn't find it. A hard sell, since I left it IN THE BED. So, I'm sad because I will likely never see that Bible again and it was my favorite. Sigh.

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