Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things That Bug Me


Yeah, I know. Hummers bug everyone. It's actually not the vehicles that are bugging me these days (though they are very obnoxious - do you really need to advertise that you feel inadequate?). It's the....

Hummer commercials...

Have you seen them? There's two that I've seen.

The first is a woman at the playground with her child. Another child cuts in line and the mother blows off the first mother. So, mother number 1 trades in her minivan for a Hummer so she can crush people on the road.

The second is a man in line in a grocery store. He's buying veggies and tofu. The other man in line (with all meat) makes some derogatory comment. So, man #1 goes and buys a Hummer.

The point is????? If bullies in the playground still bug you, run over them in a tank? If you're a good mother, you'll bully the other women back? If you're a real man you'll destroy the environment?

And here I thought nothing could make me hate Hummers more....


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