Friday, August 18, 2006

In the Name of Progress

Today my beautiful new MacBook arrived at work. It's shiny and pretty and white. It impresses all who see it and generally improves the overall look of my desk.

However, right now that's pretty much all it does. While the IT department promised that they would have it all set up so I could just swap over my ethernet connection and go, it appears they lie. Instead, no program I've started has run properly, no task is completable, and generally I've been completely unproductive today. Rather than install Office, they installed a trial version of Office. Fantastic, except that it can't print. They moved over my work email account, except that they didn't move over my offline files. And now I can't use any of this stuff on the old computer. Apparently they killed it. Hmmm...

I understand in the bigger picture that the new computer will be better. Less downtime. More portability. Less cursing of Microsoft.

However, in the short term it's a pain in the butt!


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