Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Looming Threat of Bells

What happened to my life? Just a few months ago I knew my schedule - go to work and stay there indefinitely. Come home, collapse, make a phone call, fall into bed, repeat....

Now I have these people called friends. I have church groups. I have fun things set up. I have commitments.

I have to say this is all very taxing on my brain.

Plus, I'm doing an awful lot of out of the office work these days and it's hard to plan future meetings when you're not at your computer.

Thus, the looming threat of bells.

Let me tell you how much I hate PDAs. Many years ago I had one for work. At first I diligently tried to learn "graffiti" and put contacts and dates into the palm. I kept running gift lists in there. I hot synced every day. But then I started to realize that this thing chewed through batteries (before rechargeable PDAs) and then the hot syncing started deleting all my computer and PDA files. Then I had no schedule or contacts. That was fun. So I put the PDA away and vowed never to use it again.

And then there were the bells. You know the ones. To remind you to be somewhere. My nerves were shot. Then one morning a reminder went off at 6 and wouldn't stop beeping every 10 minutes. That was fun too.

Now I live my life PDA free. When my friends' PDAs give off a series of beeps I laugh at how their life is ruled by their gadget.

But, now my schedule is getting a little crazy. I need to have files with me. I need to have contacts. I'd love to have the Bible electronically (and searchable, if possible). Sigh.

Is this just inevitable? Should I just give in?


Blogger Jessica said...

I have always hated PDAs because I hate writing on that little pad with that little plastic thingy. Maybe you should buy a Blackberry (otherwise known as a crackberry because they become so addictive) instead. They're cuter and they have a keypad.

12:03 PM  

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