Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Stories: Lands End & Gloucester

We resume our story with the wandering pilgrims waking up in Penzance. Still no pirates to be seen. This morning cereal and toast for breakfast. What a relief!

Our first adventure took us to Lands End, the far westerly point of England. Nothing to be seen between there and Canada. The coastline was rocky and jagged. It reminded me of Newfoundland a lot. It was great to hike all over the cliffs. Well, not all over the cliffs, just on top of them. Got some cornish ice cream. Met a billy goat and a mountain goat. Stopped for a real Cornish pasty (cheese and onion) that was really quite tasty. (Sorry - I'll stop that now) It was good to be in a nice remote area and just be able to enjoy the landscape.

The bus ride to and from Lands End was quite an experience. The roads are more like paths and aren't really made for two lane traffic. Whenever there are two cars, one has to back up into a driveway or a clearing to let the other through. These drivers must have nerves of steel! The drive was beautiful and we got to see lots of villages and scenic spots.

Back in Penzance we caught the train up to Gloucester. For once, we fairly easily found our B&B - a nice change of pace. Gloucester was much more Americanized than other places we'd been and things actually were the distances we'd been told - again a nice break.

After dumping our stuff we set out in search of dinner. We decided to go to the local "hot spot" the Docks. Under construction and mostly closed. Hmmm... It's only 6, why would all the restaurants be closed? Evidently the right response is - because they're in England. We wondered around for ages trying to find something open. Eventually we stumbled on a spot that should probably be renamed "World's Worst Pizza" and had dinner. There was corn on my pizza. 'Nuff said. Also, when in England always opt for the spicy version of everything (except curry), because that means it has flavor.

Walking back we stopped at a strip mall (what's a strip mall doing in England?) and everything was closed. It's 7 pm people! Where is everyone?

Up next - Oxford and the quintessential rainy day in England.


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