Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adjusting to Life at Home

So, England was an interesting experience. It went far beyond a vacation. A lot happened. But on the superficial level...

One of my fears coming back was that I wouldn't remember how to drive in the US. Not that I drove in England. But I thought that if I watched people driving on the other side of the road for two weeks that there might be some confusion.

The good news is I have no problem knowing where I should be on the road. Never a moment of doubt. My problem? I don't know where the other cars are supposed to be. I'm never sure where the cars are going to come from. I guess it comes from so much confusion when I would walk out in the road in England and look in the wrong direction. It's quite rattling to not know what direction cars will be coming from. I'm sure I would have adjusted by now except for the whole driving around with a sky high fever for the last two days. Oops.

Under things I miss about England? Tea. And the pace. I love that tea is always the right thing to drink and that it's always available. Other than the big cities (which I generally don't like anyway), I liked the slower pace of life. Everything here seems so artificially hurried. That might be a product of being on vacation, but I also think things in the US are too much about speed.

More later. I'm afraid to tell too many stories, since the one person who knows ALL that really happened is reading the blog. Of course, I do moderate the comments... Hmmmm...


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We want stories, we want stories...

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