Monday, July 17, 2006

Stupid With a Camera in my Hands

This weekend I went to a pretty good photography conference. The highlight was meeting Vincent Laforet, a photojouralist for the New York Times who's done some amazing things. He challenged us to look for new angles and focus on what the story really is.

So, Sunday night I'm driving home and I see a beautiful sunset. I drive over to the river and ditch my car. I grab my camera and take off at a run for the bridge to get the sunset over the bridge. I wasn't getting it right, no matter what I did. Finally, I climbed up the side of the bridge and took a picture over the fencing. While I'm holding on to the bridge with one hand.

Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of heights and water?

Thanks Vincent for changing my perspective and making me even stupider than I already was.


Blogger Janet said...

So.... where are the photos from the bridge. Or did you drop the camera in the river? :-)

6:52 PM  

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