Friday, July 07, 2006

Off to the Movies

Since I'm heading back off to the movies tonight (Pirates of the Caribbean II) it struck me that I never posted my response to Cars.

I loved the movie. Not in the "I twirled in the parking lot" way I did after Monsters Inc. or in the "I must see that 7 more times" way I did after Finding Nemo. It was more of a quiet "I really enjoyed that" laid-back response. To me, Cars is a more mature Pixar film. The younger kids in the audience seemed a little bored, but I was enjoying the beautiful scenery and the complexity of the story.

Paul Newman did an amazing job on his character. Prior to seeing the film I didn't understand how just providing a voice could bring so much to a character. Now I get it.

Even Owen Wilson, who I don't tend to like in movies, did a great job at his character.

Mostly though the message of getting off the freeway, slowing down and building a real life really resonated with me. Life isn't just about "Ca-Pow" moments.

I'm really doubting tonight's movie with have that kind of lasting impression. However, I was wrong about the first one and I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.


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