Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Girls and Their Toys

Maybe it's because I spend an awful lot of time with techie types, but I'm very excited that my new toy just got delivered. The Epson P-2000.

You know how 90% of new technology gadgets come out are an excuse to put out a new product? You know the ones. They do "everything", except that they really do nothing well. Or they automate some process that is much easier to do manually.

A few weeks ago I discovered this new toy when talking to Janet about her recent photography trip. You can put in a CF or SD card and the files are copied off on to the 40 GB hard drive. There's a screen where you can view the files, or at least check that they really did transfer safely.

Why is this important? Up until now I've had to drag a laptop on any trip where I'm going to take a large amount of photos. In my wisdom, while purchasing a laptop I was convinced that a bigger screen was so much better. While it's a nice feature, my laptop is pretty heavy and it's a pain to lug through airports.

So, I'm pretty excited about my new toy and being able to travel much lighter on photo trips.

Yes, I am a geek. Why do you ask?


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