Friday, November 25, 2005

Much to be Thankful For

One of my favorite things about American Thanksgiving is that it always exceeds my expectations. Since I grew up in another country, I don't have any childhood memories associated with the last Thursday in November. No requirements for it to be a proper Thanksgiving.

This puts me in the fun situation every year of not caring if I spend the day alone or with a crowd of people. Every year that something cool happens is a bonus.

This year I spent most of the day (after the snow shovelling, which I was NOT thankful for) with my church small group. We cooked the turkey and trimmings together (and I scared them with my dorky love of all things cooking), sat around, played games and shared memories of past Thanksgivings. A little family away from home, but without the usual dysfunction of the usual family holiday.

Then I went home and watched some of the new U2 DVD. What more can you ask from a major holiday??


Blogger Bryan said...

Ah yes, the U2 DVD. And all is well with the world.

How did you find that show compared with the one you saw live?


5:46 PM  

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