Monday, March 12, 2007


In looking over my blog on the weekend I realized I've had very little of substance lately in my blog. I assure you that it doesn't mean I've gone all shallow (I was there to begin with) and have had a couple of good deep conversations lately. However, my thoughts always seem to be in the process of forming and they never seem ready to write down. Also, I seem to have a sinus infection. I'm sure there were a few days of health in between the Great Flu of February and the Sinus Misery of March, but right now I don't remember them. Add to that a healthy dose of "too-much-work-to-do" and you get my life.

A couple of things:

- The Caregiver Kit project is wrapping up this week. Still some details to nail down, but it looks like we'll have lots of kits. We're doing a big celebration on Sunday.

- With the Caregiver Kits project coming to an end (at least part of it), I'm left wondering where the stage 2 vision is. Of course, right now I don't think I'd recognize vision if I tripped over it. Unless of course it came in a box of Kleenex. Then I might find it.

- I've discovered an interesting new blog:
He tries to be controversial, but there's a lot of good teaching in there.

- I've determined my good humor is dependent on my consumption of sugar. Check back with me after Easter.

- Storkbryt thinks sugar is evil. Ha!

- I have to figure out what to do about vacation this year. Originally I thought I'd go to Seattle, but that seems less likely. Don't know whether to go up to Canada or try for something more exotic. Or, save the money because I'm clearly heading to Africa sooner rather than later.

That should bring things up to date. I'll let you know when I start thinking again.

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Anonymous David said...

I think it's clear that I need to try harder at the "controversial" thing.

I would say I'm trying to be biblical, which is naturally controversial on its own merits. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed my little web journal! It was great stumbling into yours as well.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

It's hard to think of you as too controversial when every time I get fired up at Mike Bickle while doing the Omega study I go read your book to makes sense of things and cool down.

Plus, your controversy is always "above the fold" and the rest of the article explains the statements.

I wrote this blog after reading part I of your global warming series when it looked like you were saying AIDS isn't an epidemic. Luckily, you don't record voice comments from your readers. I cooled down when I read the rest of the article.

Cool blog...errrr.... wordcast. Thanks for visiting my plain vanilla blog.

8:28 PM  

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