Friday, December 15, 2006


A couple of weeks ago I was out sick for a few days. Not deathly ill, but sick enough that I would need a nap after brushing my teeth. So I mostly laid on the couch and thought about what I could be doing if I had the energy.

In the midst of this there was some television watching thrown in. This meant that my DVR finally got some space cleared up and also that I did some flipping through the channels. For some reason the "flipping through the channels" part seemed to always fall in the morning and inevitably it was while The View was on. Now, I've watched The View a handful of times in the past and never been that impressed with it. Pretty much the definition of fluff. However, I used to like Rosie O'Donnell when she had her own show and wanted to see what she was like on the new show.

Each and every time I landed on The View they were talking about gay adoptions, gay families, homophobia, gay rights, gay marriage..... you get the picture. I've also seen plenty of stories about Rosie making loud comments on gay issues on the show, so it seems like this is a pretty regular thing. And they weren't talking about it in the "debating the issues" kind of way, but in the "how can anyone be against gay marriage/gay adoptions" kind of way.

So, being sent into homes all across the country on a daily basis is a show who's sole purpose is now to promote the gay agenda.

I suppose I could be angry about this. I could rail about the downfall of television. Mostly I'm sad. I'm sad because no one else seems to have noticed this (though perhaps no one watches The View) and no one's saying anything about it. What other special interest group gets an hour of network airtime a day to promote their agenda? This seems so blatant to me. Is that others don't see it (see the earlier question about whether anyone watches or cares about The View) or whether they care or whether we've given up hope on the airwaves of America.

Rosie, you aren't funny. You aren't cute. And your shows aren't going to be allowed in my home anymore.

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