Saturday, December 09, 2006


Earlier this year my pal Janet blogged about some interesting sites from a Time article. One of the sites was It was back in the summer and I didn't think much about it. But going to England gave me the idea to make a book of my pictures for those people in my life who are a little harder to buy for. Of course, I made one for myself as well.

The books arrived this week and it's been so much fun to have a professional looking book to drag it around to show everyone. It's been a big hit. Much easier than a bulky photo album. Much more streamlined than the 400 pictures I have up online.

It was a fun project to to do and it's a great keepsake from the trip.

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Blogger Janet said...

I'm glad your book came out so good and is a hit. Now if I could find the time to finish the book for my mom, I will be set for xmas presents.

1:43 AM  

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