Saturday, November 04, 2006

Breaks in the Chaos

At times like these it seems like the whole world is swirling around me. I get on edge and lose things (keys, tickets, my temper) and feel barely held together.

Last night was the night of prayer at my church and it was such a relief to be able to just go and pray for hours at a time. It was even in my calendar. A little reminder went off. Nothing else could be scheduled. I came out refreshed and renewed.

Today I'm back in the chaos of stuffing a little work into the weekend along with the usual errands and household duties (by household duties I mean ignoring the dishes, ignoring the dust bunnies, trying to make the clutter look like sculpture). Tonight I'm going to a Casting Crowns concert and I'm really looking forward to another oasis in the desert. I love seeing them live. Somehow, Mark Hall always seems to say something that breaks through to me.

Don't know if there will be pictures. I'm taking the camera, but we bought tickets for concert enjoyment, not for photography angles.


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